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A short note about us, after 33 years in the test equipment industry, PEAK-G opened its doors in Michigan to offer high quality test equipment in North America from leading manufacturers around the globe. We know many companies view testing as a “necessary evil”, and for good reason. We want to change that. Our mission is to inspire testing by offering innovative yet budget-friendly test equipment. If our test products can improve the effectiveness of your testing and keep costs down, you’ll test because you want to, not because you have to.

In pursuit of our mission we found four globally recognized test equipment manufacturers that offer products with new and better ways for you to test your products. Read more about them below.

Thank you for your trust and support.

Our partners

rula technologies

RULA Technologies is a leading-edge innovative manufacturer of test and measurement instruments including vibration controllers, digital power amplifiers, spectrum analyzers, DAQ’s, and vibration/shock recorders.

RULA’s team of dedicated and experienced specialists brings ideas to life from a concept to a fully functional device and provides high-class technical support. The advanced hardware features combined with the powerful user-friendly software make our systems the ultimate choice in the fields of vibration control and data acquisition.

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Prosig manufactures data capture hardware and analysis software and services across a range of applications and industries. Our focus is noise & vibration measurement and monitoring for the automotive, aerospace, advanced engineering, manufacturing and power generation industries.

Prosig was established in 1977 by members of ISVR (Institute of Sound & Vibration Research) at Southampton University. In 2014 Prosig became part of Condition Monitoring Group (CMG) Limited. The combination of Prosig’s expertise & heritage and the technologies & knowledge in CMG has led to significant advantages to our existing user base and to new customers.

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DJB Instruments

DJB Instruments UK Ltd has been manufacturing accelerometers, cables, instrumentation and accessories for over 40 years. Originally established as DJ Birchall Ltd in 1974, it changed name in 2010 after the death of the company’s founder, Don Birchall. In 2021, DJB Instruments became part of Condition Monitoring Group (CMG) Ltd bringing a new level of growth potential within a global engineering organisation.

Still the only global accelerometer manufacturer using the Konic Shear design patented by Don and offering significant improvements in performance and cross axis reduction, it continues future innovation through CMG group collaborations,

CME Technology Co., Ltd.

CME Technology Co., Ltd. is located in Xianyang, Shaanxi National High-tech Industrial Development Zone, China and is specializing in manufacturing equipment for mechanical testing and simulation, environmental reliability testing, non-standard testing, our products including shock /bump test system, drop tester, transportation simulation test table, hydraulic vibration shakers, multi-DOF motion simulation table, centrifugal constant acceleration tester, packaging test machine and etc.


DynaLabs specializes in low force electro-dynamic shakers, shaker amplifiers and MEMS sensors. Currently, they are working on design manufacturing and marketing of miniature (5N) to small vibration shakers (440N) which can be also used for modal testing. They have an extensive MEMS accelerometer and gyroscope product line that will meet most of the automotive and aerospace industry needs.

Their in-house capabilities include three dimensional computer aided design and manufacturing (CAD/CAM) precision metrology, design for manufacturing, manufacturing planning and optimization. DynaLabs performs factory calibration of every sensor they produce.

DynaLabs includes a CE certificate for every shaker and sensor they produce..

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eMpulse Test Systems

eMpulse Test Systems has been a global supplier of test and simulation equipment for over forty years. They are the industry leader in supplying servo electric systems to customers worldwide, with over 200 products globally.  eMpulse customers and installations can be found across the globe, with operations in Asia, Africa, Europe, North America, and South America. ePulse is dedicated to helping their customers develop safer and more reliable products.

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Our mission is to provide cost-effective test equipment solutions from reputable manufacturers worldwide.

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