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Measure Vibration, Transients, Pressure, or Force

We proudly offer piezoelectric sensors manufactured by DJB Instruments out of the United Kingdom. DJB offers a wide range of accelerometers, pressure sensors, impact hammers and associated accessories.

DJB is the only global accelerometer manufacturer using the patented Konic Shear™ design, which offers significant performance improvements and cross-axis reduction, minimizing off-axis influence. Watch this video to learn more about the Konic Shear™ design.

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Single axis, triaxial, DC-MEMs, high temp, high shock and industrial types.


Impact hammers, impedance heads, filters, amplifier/conditioners & more.


Cables, mounting hardware, wax, connectors, joiners & more.


Dynamic pressure transducers to detect turbulence & cavitation.

Accelerometer Considerations

With a wide range of accelerometers to choose from, selecting the right accelerometer for your application might seem like a daunting task. Read on, we’re here to help!

Sensors for Shaker Testing

Perfect for both control and response channels. Lots of range and mounting options. 

buyers guide

Select the right sensor for your application

Check out our Piezoelectric Sensor Buying Guide

Select the right sensor for your application

Check out our Buying Guides

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