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A Portable Shock Vibration Recorder

Knowing the transportation environment that your product is subjected to will allow you to make good decisions about protecting it against the damaging effects of temperature, vibration and shock events. The RL-R17 shock and vibration recorder is the perfect tool for the job.

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rl-r17 shock vibration recorder

A Shock Vibration recorder you can rely on

With a built-in 3-axis accelerometer and temperature sensor with exceptional accuracy, the RL-R17 shock vibration recorder collects and stores data in its non-volatile internal memory. Each sample of data is tagged with a real-time stamp, allowing for an in-depth analysis at a later time.

dust & water tight

The IP65-rated enclosure is suitable for use in environments where it will be exposed to dust, dirt, and water, such as outdoor or industrial settings.

720h Working time

Our recorder delivers up to 1 month of uninterrupted work, depending on the recording mode, sample rate, and battery type used.

2x Record Modes

In continuous mode, all acceleration data is stored. In shock-event mode, only acceleration values that exceed the user-defined trigger level are recorded.

Compact & Rugged

A small profile means you can place it in a variety of locations. The hardware is constructed of a sturdy aluminum casing that will provide you years if service.

Verify your shaker testing

Record and independently verify your shaker table results

vis shock vibration recorder software

VisShock Software

The companion to the RL-R17 for test setup and data processing

VisShock is a user-friendly software suite that provides all of the essential tools for the shock vibration recorder setup and provides a set of graph tool options to analyze the recorded data.

Recorder Set Up

vis shock vibration recorder setup

VisShock software is used to setup your RL-R17 recording. Connect the recorder to your PC using a USB cable and quickly setup what, when and how you want to record.

Download, Review and Export

vis shock vibration recorder view data

Once recordings are completed, download the data from the recorder to your PC and review with one of the many included time-based graph options. Or export to your favorite software program for post-processing.

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