Package Test Equipment

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package and Product Testing

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We proudly offer package test equipment from CME Technology. CME has been designing and manufacturing package and product test equipment since 2006 and offers an extensive test product line including shock/bump test systems, drop testers, transportation simulation test tables, hydraulic vibration shakers, multi-DOF motion simulation tables, centrifugal constant acceleration testers, and other package test equipment.

CME Test Equipment

Drop Testing Systems

Shock and Bump Systems

SRS Shock Test Systems

Constant Acceleration Tester

Incline Impact Systems

Transportation Simulation tables

Servo Hydraulic Shaker

Multi-Axial Vibration Simulator

Box Compression Tester 

Clamping Force Systems

Why Choose Our Test Equipment?

CME offers a comprehensive selection of affordable, yet high-quality reliability test equipment for standard and non-standard testing. PEAK-G provides all local support including installation, training, calibration and warranty coverage.

Reliability Testing Solutions

Designed and Manufactured by CME Technology Supported locally  by PEAK-G

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