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vibration Controllers

Control any make or model, single or multi-axis electrodynamic (ED), servo-hydraulic or servo-electric vibration shaker system.

DAQ & Analyzers

Portable yet flexible noise and vibration Data Acquisition (DAQ) and analyzer test systems for a range of applications and industries.

Shock & Vibration Logger

Portable battery-powered shock and vibration recorder with embedded 3-axial accelerometer and temperature sensor.

Package Test Systems

Includes vibration tables, drop and shock testers, bump tester, incline impact, constant acceleration plus more.

Sensors & Accessories

IEPE, charge & MEMs accels including a water-cooled hi-temp triax accel and miniature accel at just 0.007 oz.

Digital Power Amplifiers

Class-D power amplifiers designed to work with electro-dynamic shakers. Output range 200VA to 1200VA.

support training

Satisfied Customers

Our business depends on it

We understand what makes our customers happy; keeping their test equipment up and running, All of our products are supported through our Michigan-based maintenance center team. Our team provides training, technical support, repair, calibration services and warranty coverage.

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our partners

We are proud to offer test equipment from these leading manufacturers from around the globe. All of the test equipment we offer are fully supported by PEAK-G including training, warranty, repair, and calibration services. 

RULA Technologies

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Check out our Buying Guides

Select the right test equipment

Check out our Buying Guides

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Our mission is to provide cost-effective test equipment solutions from reputable manufacturers worldwide.

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